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The hotel group ‘Attitude’ was established in 2008. It set out to promote the Mauritian ‘art de vivre’ or ‘way of life’. Following the launch of Green Attitude programme in 2010 at the first two Attitude hotels, the Green Attitude Foundation was established in 2014. Ever since, the hotel group has been committed to protecting the environment as well as  supporting and caring about the local economy and community.

Five ‘Otentik’ experiences

Through its ‘Otentik Bazar’ experience, the group promotes ‘made in Mauritius’ handicrafts, where all the benefits go to the craftspeople, who are chosen based on their sustainable practices such as use of recycled, local, natural products, and ethical business practices. This is just one of the five ‘Otentik Experiences’ offered by Attitude. In the ‘Otentik Dinner’ guests have the chance to visit one of the hotel staff’s home and have dinner with their family. Anyone interested in local food and recipes can join the ‘Otentik Fooding’ experience and have a Mauritian cooking class with the hotel’s chef. Those interested in exploring the island can download the Attitude’s geolocation ‘Otentik Discovery’ app, following its motto: “Go out and explore, and ‘live like a local’.” The app takes guests to off beaten tracks, historical sites and beautiful sceneries. Using the app, tourists can also meet locals and get to know more about their life and cultural heritage.

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Commitment to environmental protection

The Attitude Hotels group has always put the protection of the environment at the heart of its development. As part of this commitment, the hotels put a focus on the protection of the marine life, through its Marine Discovery Centre, its blue net bags programme for litter picking or the offer of mineral sunscreen to its guests at Lagoon Attitude. Of course, the group is also focus on its waste management. In the hotel premises energy efficient appliances are used to reduce energy consumption and GHG emission. The group also focuses on reducing the use of chemicals, with 95% of its bathroom and spa products being natural and 100% of its cleaning products being biodegradable. Suppliers are also encouraged to consider a better environmental footprint by reducing packaging, banning single-use plastic, and studying product lifecycle. The hotel’s website also shares practical tips for local residents and tourists, such as learning how to make 100% natural sunscreen or decoration DIY tutorials.

Commitment to support the local economy

Attitude is committed to supporting the local economy. By employing local people and suppliers, sourcing food locally (unless it cannot be grown or produced on the island) and funding small local businesses through its Otentik Investments company, Attitude makes sure prioritise the local economy. The group has set a new objective for June 2021: to guarantee 50% of all its purchases to be from suppliers with the ‘Made in Moris’ certification.

Empowerment of the Family Members

Attitude provides trainings on sustainable practices to all its Family Members (employees), so that each of them is an ambassador of Attitude’s commitments and of the philosophy of its Positive Impact movement. All the Family Members are also encouraged to spread the word to partners and guests, but also to their family and friends and inspire everyone to be part of the movement for a positive impact on our planet and society.

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In this video, you can get a glimpse into how the Attitude Hotels group encourages its guests to become more environmentally friendly. It motivates guests to go snorkelling and participate in cleaning the beach by providing blue net bags to collect underwater garbage. At the hotel, guests can buy unpackaged food at the ‘Bulk Shop’ and get a water bottle that they can bring with them when going around the island.

At the end of 2019, the Attitude group pledged for sustainable tourism and opened its first eco-committed hotel with, among other initiatives, a zero single-use plastic policy. This measure will be replicated in the 9 hotels of the group by 1 November 2020, setting the standard high for the tourism sector in Mauritius. Not only do the Attitude hotels promote cultural heritage protection, but they also contribute to nature conservation. By taking such actions, the hotel group supports the island’s sustainable development while offering a unique holiday experience to all its guests.

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