My Pop-Up Store is seeking partnerships to grow local talent and creativity

My Pop-Up Store (MPUS) offers only the very best “Made in Mauritius” brands and displays an artful array of eye-catching quality products, creating a different and inspiring way for Locals, Expats and Tourists to interact with our local brands, learn about Mauritian craftsmanship, art and design and bring home an authentic quality souvenir. MPUS was started as a platform to tell meaningful and artistic stories from all over the island with a desire to bring to life cultural conversations.

MPUS is an ever-evolving platform to depict the island’s vibrancy and diversity. The brand’s work is driven by curiosity to explore materials and diverse artistic crafts and styles prevalent on the island. A Truly Mauritian Local Identity.

Our Partnership Offering

In order to grow our current platform and co-develop innovative ideas with our local creative community MPUS is seeking partnerships with different stakeholders in Mauritius. We believe we have a great role to play to in valuing and promoting Mauritian Artisans & Entrepreneurs. By engaging and creating partnerships with new entities MPUS raises awareness about the power of local productivity and its great impacts for the Mauritian Society. Through the network we create, we grow and nourish our creative community and provide them with trainings, resources and increased visibility to express and value our Mauritian Identity.

Our Project for 2020 / 2021

MPUS proposes to develop an adapted Practical training in Product Development Methodology to boost innovation among vulnerable artisans in Mauritius. As a result of the project, vulnerable artisans are expected to have developed new products and tested them on the market; they will have experienced a boost in their sales and related income; and have acquired the necessary skills to continue to develop new products that are aligned with international trends. The use of Product Development Methodology and Conceptualization in the artisanal manufacture sector has the potential to merge Mauritian traditional skills and international trends and standards, to reinvent authentic local goods and elevate its value.

This in turn could have key benefits from supporting vulnerable artisans out of poverty, making local SMEs profitable, boosting the local economy, opening new recognized profession for the youth, providing equal opportunities for “non-academic” citizens to become successful in business, attracting international recognition of and interests for Mauritian talents, boosting local pride and valuing the Mauritian know-how and experience.

When My MPUS was created, it filled the gap at a time where many artisans were not satisfied with existing selling platforms: trade fairs and artisanal markets that only provide for a couple of days of visibility where artisans must be present to hold a stand and be away from their production workshop, exhibition halls that are often too expensive for artisans who cannot afford to invest up to Rs150,000 for a 3-day stand; and a permanent retail space that is out of reach as the rental is too high compared to the buying power that will not cover the costs.

Great results

In the past 8 years, MPUS has proudly supported 150+ Mauritian artisans and designers. For example, the local brands Saskia P., Save a Sail and Libertie started as individual designers with no sole workshop, no investments, no showroom and MPUS showcased their products. The 3 of them are now proud shop owners and are today fully established brands. MPUS has grown in popularity with 9,400+ Followers on Facebook and 3,700+ on Instagram; and is receiving regular positive returns from clients and malls that are seeing their businesses boosted through this service.


  • Empower artisans from vulnerable groups by partnering with local NGOs and Women Centers running handicrafts programs to develop new products and reach new markets
  • Adding value and transforming dormant stock with a trendy twist to reach a new marketplace, take advantage of waste materials and recyclables resources to produce new things
  • Boost sales for artisans, increase their visibility, develop their brand identity, revive their manufacture
  • Bringing Mauritian talents to the local market, reach new customers
  • Support and promote SME in the artisanal sector
  • Promote the “Shop local” approach, support “truly Mauritian” products, boost local economy
  • Experiment new formats (product dimensioning) and more ambitious works, development of Masterpieces for creation of a WOW factor driving interest to a specific skill, but in a more ‘arty’ way.

The project will target 50 Mauritians artisans from vulnerable groups as follow:

  • Artisans that have the hands-on skills to produce competitive goods but not the knowledge to meet market needs; Those who do not have the skills, time nor means to market their product properly; Those who cannot access selling platforms
  • By partnering with local NGOs that run socio-economic empowerment programs for the vulnerable through handicrafts (for example: Local Hands, Lizie dan Lame, Baz’art Kreasion, etc.)
  • By partnering with SME’s Creative Mauritius, the National Women Entrepreneur Council and the National Women Council that run socio-economic empowerment programs for vulnerable women, notably the Women’s Associations Unit, the Dressmaking and related Craft Unit, and the Project Unit.
  • Special emphasis will also be given to artisans who are particularly being impacted by the Covid19 crisis

Are you a company or organisation that shares the goals and impacts MPUS is planning to achieve and want to partner-up in the endeavour to ensure that we can be successful for our local community as well as for a more resilient and sustainable Mauritius? Then drop us a line!

Email :

Elizabeth de Marcy Chelin – Chabert

Tel : (230)  264 3077 / (230) 58  400333 /

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